Freelance IT Professional, Lean Agile Coach. Wrote UK's first guide to getting online. Non Exec Director. From Dunblane, Perthshire.

Answer? None of the above when mandated.

This is a framing of a question around how an organisation approaches the new ways of working as we come out of lockdown and we can see the benefits of normal working from home, not working from home in a pandemic trying to…

Some talks I’ve done recently as part of the festival

Visualise the story for teaching and learning in a distributed world February 15 @ 7:00 pm GMT

Visualise and iterate your roadmaps using a strategy map February 8 @ 7:00 pm — 8:00 pm GMT

Red Teaming Agile20Reflect and the positive power of contrarian thinking February 16 @ 7:00 pm GMT

With Richard Cornelius, Yusuf Dean and Karl Smith


Forthcoming speaking engagements — all online

16th July
Visualising a talk, a mind map alternative
Agile Praxis, Heidelberg
(UK evening)

17th August:
Coaching Agile Journeys: Agile Strategy:
(UK evening)

27th August:
Memphis Agile: Agile Strategy:
(UK evening)…

9am standups are probably a sign of organisational dysfunction.


Easy one: the scrum guide calls them “daily scrums” and in any case “standup” is not disability friendly. If you’re not standing, don’t misuse the term or offend people in wheelchairs. I’ll call them “daily meetings” here, you can stand…

If you follow my writing on agile strategy and how to visualise this, the video of my talk at Agile Tour London 2019 is now available to view below

On a recent Gartner call on strategy, two comments from the audience below felt “I was giving better answers” than…

A short list of the main reasons for agile adoption failure, with references

Surveys, Consulting groups, individual coaches, newspaper articles


Version One 13th State of Agile report (2018)

  1. Organizational culture at odds with agile values
  2. General organizational resistance to change
  3. Inadequate management support and sponsorship

Business Agility Institute


Craig Cockburn

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