Agile, an unexpected journey

My (and others) agile journeys in a book

Here it is, just published — a journey from the 1980s to the present and beyond. Where do we go next?


It’s out! Huge thanks to Karl Smith for taking the time to facilitate and deliver at amazing speed. Less than 2 weeks from emailing the last version in, I have a book in my hand and have the opportunity to be able to say, I have been published! 😃

I am honoured to share this space and a huge congratulations to the fellow authors:

Matt Turner, Myles Hopkins, Mika Siitari, Grace Johnson, Gail Ferreira, Sabrina C E Bruce, Evelyn Lekhtman, Mark Walsh, Karl Smith

An Unexpected Journey: A Compendium of Agile Biographies can be found through these links.



Still not sure? Here’s a video with some of us talking about the experience of writing it.

Agile an unexpected journey author interviews



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Craig Cockburn

Freelance IT Professional, Lean Agile Coach. Wrote UK's first guide to getting online. Non Exec Director. From Dunblane, Perthshire.