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  • Paul Barnett

    Paul Barnett

    Advocating the purpose of all enterprise should be contributions to sustainable widely shared prosperity measured in terms of human flourishing and wellbeing.

  • Brad Appleton

    Brad Appleton

  • Simon Powers

    Simon Powers

    CEO and Founder of the community of practice, training, and coaching company: Adventures with Agile.

  • Fin Goulding

    Fin Goulding

    Transformation Doctor, Founder, CIO & CTO at the Flow Academy. Co-author of Flow & 12 Steps to Flow, Fellow of the ICS

  • Cliff Berg

    Cliff Berg

    Author and IT consultant — LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cliffberg/

  • Maarten Dalmijn

    Maarten Dalmijn

    145+ articles with > 1.5 million views on beating the Feature Factory and better ways of delivering value together. https://mdalmijn.com

  • Gordon Povey

    Gordon Povey

    Serial tech entrepreneur and founder of Better Internet Search.

  • Barry Overeem

    Barry Overeem

    Co-founder The Liberators

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