It was 30 years ago today

Craig Cockburn
2 min readJun 23, 2019

Appeared in the paper, 23 June 1989 for an online job board, probably the world’s first

Here’s the award

As you can see, despite sitting on goldmine there worth hundreds of millions of pounds, I only got a runner’s up prize and no mention of the actual idea in the newspaper coverage.

I know local businesses are important, but with a 4 year head start on Monster, now with $770m in annual revenue, and peaking at over $5Bn in market cap, one hopes that the next time a multiple prospective unicorn comes knocking, that the Reading Chronicle, Shell, Livewire, the chairman of a multi billion pound company and all those associated business experts can see beyond the neighbourhood.

I tried to take the idea forward but my partner wasn’t up to the job and eventually ran off with the idea without me, going bust spectacularly a few years later.

To succeed in business you need time, money, being in the right place at the right time, luck and of course the right people around you. Having an original idea is only the start.




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